Contents of this week's box: Top row: cucumber, zucchini, squash, kohlrabi, lettuce. Bottom row: dino kale, easter egg radishes, swiss chard, bok choy

Contents of this week's box: Top row: cucumber, zucchini, squash, kohlrabi, lettuce. Bottom row: dino kale, easter egg radishes, swiss chard, bok choy

Hi Folks and welcome to week 1 of your fall CSA. We are so thankful and excited to have everyone join us this season! It is so great to have our returning members back for another season, and we have many new members this season as well! 

A lot has been going on at the farm and now we are desperately trying to fend off deer. It's amazing that our 3 dogs have no interest in chasing deer off! Really?? Is that even normal? Van has had a genius idea to buy the blow up halloween decorations that go in your yard, and put it out in the middle of our vegetable rows! Hilarious and festive! I will post a picture as soon as it happens. 

We are also busy planting the last of our crops for the season, and fending off lots of weeds. "Pig weed" is so bad this season and we are trying to remove the 'blankets' of it from our direct seeded crops such as carrots, beets, mustard greens, turnips, etc. If you don't know what a Pig weed is, it is one nasty weed, big, vigorous, and has thorns all over. Not a weed that you want with your seedlings.

It is very dry at the farm and so thankful for irrigation, but there is nothing like God's rain that makes a plant grow big and happy. Let's all say a prayer and do a dance.

We have some yummy greens and vegetables to share with you this week, and look forward to seeing everyone! Have a great week and cheers to a great season!


Below is a list of the bounty in your vegetable box this week followed by pictures and recipe suggestions:

1. Bok Choy- a very tasty asian green. The entire plant is edible, and leaves will be milder than white stalk. Great for stir fries.

2. Swiss Chard- Such an earthy tasting green! Great sautéed, and thrown into everything from quiche to pasta, or just eaten by itself. YUM. 

3. Lettuce- A head of lettuce grown in the dirt (we will only have lettuce this week and next week since most members purchased the additional hydroponic lettuce). 

4. Kohlrabi- This is one of our favorite vegetables, and has been gaining popularity. It is incredibly versatile! You can eat raw, with just a little s&p, or made into a coleslaw. It can be sautéed, roasted, baked, thrown into soups.. the possibilities are endless. It is a wonderful potato substitute for fries, chips, or Au gratin. Make sure to peel until you get to its crispy apple like texture, and don't discard those greens, they are also edible. 

5. Kale- The variety this week is Tuscano, also called Dino Kale. We actually like to substitute for lettuce or mix it with lettuce in our salads. Kale yeah!

6. Radishes- This bundle will be a Easter Egg variety. Did you know that the leaves have more protein, vitamin c, and calcium than the roots. Spicy, peppery throw into smoothies, soups, or make into a pesto. If leaves are removed before refrigerating, the radish will store longer and stay crisp. 

7. Summer Squash- Toss on the grill, eat raw in salads, stuff them with other veggies and cheese, or simply dip in hummus or your favorite dip.

8. Zucchini- same as above.

9. Cucumber- A big and delicious slicing cucumber. 

10. Salad Days Hydroponic Lettuce (if already purchased)