Hi folks, welcome to week 3 of your CSA. Fall is approaching fast with these cooler nights. It feels so good at the farm in the mornings and evenings. Looking forward to grilling out more on these cool evenings. One of our favorite ways to eat Bok Choy is to throw the head on grill. It's great when you can allow the choy to sit in the marinade for about an hour before. I enjoy the recipe listed below. It calls for baby bok choy, but I just halve or quarter a regular head instead. Also would pair great with salmon or pork tenderloin thrown on the grill. 

We are still working hard pulling weeds and scaring off deer. It really is the most challenging part of our season so far! The deer have walked down rows and taken a single bite out of butternut squash, acorn, and are now eating beet greens and cilantro. Cilantro?! They really are just treating the farm like an all you can eat buffet. It's awful! Van shined a light out in the field and saw 16 deer at once in our winter squash patch.

We are hoping for more rain, the amount we got was just a tease, but made things a little less dusty for a brief moment. 

Hope everyone enjoys the box this week, it sure is a really great one! Here are the contents of this week's box:

1. Beets- One of our favorite root crops. I personally like beets roasted and I like to sauté the greens! They actually cook down wonderfully with the swiss chard. 

2. Tomatoes

3. Swiss Chard

4. Turnip Greens- a southern favorite. I have also been throwing them in my smoothies and also using the greens as lettuce on my sandwiches. 

5. Zucchini

6. Bok Choy

7. Kohlrabi

8. Lemon Cucumbers- An heirloom variety of cucumber. Sweet and mild. The lemon cucumber does not have a lemony taste, just the shape and color. Get to these as soon as you can because we notice them spoiling quicker than the other types of cucumbers.