Hi Folks, we hope everyone is well and had a great week. We were able to finish planting our summer crop with no time to spare! We will finish connecting irrigation in the next day or two to help water transplants and get our beans to germinate since we did not get much rain. 

The farmer's market seems to really be picking up. A good sign that summer is right around the corner. We had a really busy market on Saturday, and had a lot of Tshirt sales! I know I am loving mine! Elvis is doing well, and I hope he will be able to get his staples out this week. We are eagerly awaiting his return to the farm, and I know he is too. It hasn't been the same without him.

Well our baby Hazel turns ONE today! I still can't believe it.  This past year has been one of the wildest rides we have gone through, but she has brought so much laughter and love into our lives! So grateful to be her parents. 

Your box this week is a very full box! This will be the last appearance of broccoli in your box, and I'm sure some of you are rejoicing and some are not. We had a very long run of broccoli this year and have learned a lesson or three from it! We are hoping for a bit of moisture because we went to harvest carrots for this week's box and the ground was so hard it was actually damaging the carrots to pull them out! Hopefully by next week we will be able to have them. Many different varieties of plants are now bolting and producing beautiful flowers for the bees to enjoy. Some of my favorites are the dill flower (pictured below) and the onion flower. Not only are they beautiful, but also all the flowers are edible and add a lovely pop of flavor to any dish. We hope to include some for you soon. Looking forward to getting into the kitchen this week. Here are the contents of this week's box: 

1. Fennel

2. Onions 

3. Genovese Basil

4. Garlic- raw garlic

5. Swiss Chard

6. Green & Purple Cabbage

7. Zucchini

8. Squash

9. Kohlrabi- one large bulb or two small bulbs.

10. Slicing Cucumbers- great for salads, gazpacho, or on sandwiches!

11. Broccoli




Braised Summer Squash with Fennel, Basil, Olives, and Swiss Chard- http://www.highgroundorganics.com/recipes/braised-summer-squash-with-fennel-olives-basil-and-chard/#more-9542

Fennel and Cabbage Sauté- http://www.highgroundorganics.com/recipes/saute-of-savoy-cabbage-and-fennel/

Lemony Grilled Squash with Herbs- http://www.highgroundorganics.com/recipes/lemony-grilled-squash/

"Carpaccio" of Summer Squash or Zucchini- http://www.highgroundorganics.com/recipes/carpaccio-of-summer-squash/