Hi Folks and welcome to week 13! One more month left to get your fresh local veggies. We hope everyone has been enjoying everything so far! Thanks for being the best bunch that we could have asked for this season! So thankful for y'all!

We are excited to be adding a couple of melons to your box this week! We really wanted to add the seedless variety to your box, but unfortunately they didn't produce as many as we were hoping. BUT the ones that we did pick we sold to Rainbow Co-op. So, if you are around the area stop in and pick up a really great seedless watermelon from them along with some other goodies. Nonetheless, we have some really delicious melons coming your way. 

Shishitos are also new to the box this week. These little peppers are SO good. When I am packing and picking them at the farm, I continually eat and eat and eat them raw. A mild  and sweet pepper with a delicious flavor. Great pepper to blister on the grill and very delicious to enjoy as a sautéed pepper as well. I have added a link at the bottom of the page for an excellent and simple way to enjoy these! Especially during cocktail hour. The restaurants have been loving them as well! We have sold tons to The Manship, Walkers, Local 463, and others around town. 

We can't believe how long and how much the lemon cucumber plants have been producing! This little cucumber is such a mild sweet cucumber and seems to pair well with everything or makes a great pickling cucumber. Also, a good idea is someone mentioned was they slice these up and put in a pitcher of water! And boy do they produce! But their time is coming to an end soon. 

We got quite a bit of rain this past weekend! I think it was close to an inch. Everything enjoyed a nice drink of water and made for a cooler evening on the farm last night. Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the bounty of this week's box:


1. Bell Peppers

2. Shishito Peppers- Sweet, Asian pepper. The pepper is small and finger long, slender and thin walled.

3. Beefsteaks

4. Cherry Tomatoes

5. Okra

6. "Galia" Tropical Melon- This melon is a hybrid mix of cantaloupe and honeydew. Outer husk looks like a cantaloupe but the inside meat is green like a honeydew melon and has a sweet and nutty flavor. 

7. "Little Baby Flower" Watermelon- A very small personal melon. Has seeds and red meat. A very sweet melon with a small rhine. 

8. Eggplant- We grow a few different varieties you might see. "Clara" Italian variety white, very creamy. "Black Beauty" traditional Italian variety and black. "Beatrice" has a light bright purple color and is shorter and wider than traditional. "Orient Express" Japanese variety that is long and deep purple.   

9. Slicing Cucumbers

10. Lemon Pickling Cucumbers


Sautéed Shishito Peppers

Okra with Tomatoes I think this would be an easy recipe to replace canned and frozen ingredients with fresh ingredients from your box. A take on a southern classic dish. Add bacon if desired!!

Seared Okra and Tomatoes A simple, quick sauté equals a non-slippery okra dish! 

Baked Eggplant  easy and delicious way to serve eggplant.