Top Row: Green Leaf Lettuce, Broccoli, Curly Kale  Bottom Row: Braising Mix, Napa Cabbage, Spring Onions, Red Radish, Collards, Scarlet Turnips

Top Row: Green Leaf Lettuce, Broccoli, Curly Kale

Bottom Row: Braising Mix, Napa Cabbage, Spring Onions, Red Radish, Collards, Scarlet Turnips

Hey y'all and welcome to week 2 of your CSA. We hope everyone enjoyed the first box of produce for the season. We received some great feedback from everyone cooking delicious meals and prepping vegetables last week.

We are hiring!! If you know of anyone that may be interested in working on our farm, please tell them to email us at Job description includes harvesting, cleaning, and packing vegetables. Experience isn't necessary, but a hard working attitude and eagerness to learn is definitely appreciated! 

We are in a state of transition right now. We just recently bought a shipping container, divided it in half, cut doors into the side, and then sprayed the inside with an insulating foam. We are planning to turn it into a cooler using a Cool-bot. This is a really unique gadget that tricks a window unit into thinking it is blowing 65 degree air, when really it is blowing mid 30-40 degree air! Salad Days has used one for a couple years now with great success, as have many other farmers that we follow. One side will strictly be 30-40 degrees for produce and the other side will be in the upper 60s to store tomatoes, watermelons, boxes, and other misc. things. Van said he may even put a desk in that side! Makes sense to me! It will be really nice to have this project finished and get back some organization. 

We have really enjoyed the cooler weather the past couple of days, and we hope you did too. We hope you were able to enjoy your week/weekend with family and friends and perhaps even toasted over a freshly cooked meal of local vegetables. We have a great box coming your way this week: 


1. Red Radishes- This variety is called Sora. It is a very crisp radish that would make a great addition to any salad or slaw. 

2. Scarlet Turnips- Beautiful in color with large stalks and greens. 

3. Curly Kale

4. Collards- A southern tradition, but click the link below to find 13 new ways to try collards. 

5. Green Leaf Lettuce- This variety is called Salad Bowl, a delicate, lime-green oak leaf variety. A very tender lettuce that makes for a delicious and delicate salad. 

6. Spring Onions- Sweeter than your regular onion, and greens carry an intense flavor. Can be used many ways raw or such as grilling and roasting whole.

7. Broccoli

8. Napa Cabbage- Light green leaves with white prominent veins. Can be used in stir fries, raw in slaws. Makes great cabbage rolls and great Kimchi, a traditional fermented Korean side dish.

9. Braising Mix

Below you will see the shipping container being spray foamed and transformed into our new cooler, tomatoes being pruned and staked, Hazel being adorable amongst some kale that was being harvested, our vegetable washing table, and lettuce and broccoli that you will see in this week's box: