Top Row: Bush Beans, Zucchini, Squash, Beets  Bottom Row: Potatoes, Sorrel, Cucumbers, Fennel, Collards

Top Row: Bush Beans, Zucchini, Squash, Beets

Bottom Row: Potatoes, Sorrel, Cucumbers, Fennel, Collards

Hey everyone and welcome to week 7 of your CSA! It's hard to believe that we are half way through the season already. We really hope everyone has enjoyed their boxes thus far. It has been a very challenging season on our part, we are trying to compete with the rain, and get everything planted and everything out of the field before it becomes too saturated with water and rots. Some of you last week received broccoli instead of cauliflower in your box because it was indeed too wet and the cauliflower started to go bad. We lost about 4,000 heads of cauliflower in the fields due to the wet conditions. 

This past week we planted our pepper, eggplant, okra, tomato, and watermelon plants. We are almost a month behind schedule because of all the moisture. All we can do now is pray for sunshine to make everything grow fast and plentiful. I don't think our prayers will be heard this week tho. There seems to be high percentages of rain until Tuesday of next week! 

This week we will focus on getting all of our cabbage, turnips, and some of the onions out of the fields before the excess moisture gets to them as well. We have a wonderful friend who has helped build drying racks for us to use for the onions. We are hoping to be able to include onions in your boxes for a couple more months. 

Tomatoes are getting close to being ready and into your boxes! We are thinking by next week, of course depends on the weather, we can include some juicy, vine ripened tomatoes for y'all to enjoy! 

I just want to say thank you so much for being here with us and I hope you are able to get into your kitchens and cook some great meals with family and friends. Here are the contents of this week's box:


1. Sorrel- The lemon of the vegetable world. Sorrel is a great herb that has a nice citrus finish. wonderful to throw into smoothies, chop up fine in salads, sauté with other greens, or chop and use to marinade different proteins like fish and chicken. 

2. Fennel- Fennel has a bulbous base and green feathery leaves. Both are edible and have a mild aniseed or licorice flavor. Try the pizza recipe below, and substitute the swiss chard for spinach! I also like to make pizzas on Naan Bread! Easy way to make your own pizza

3. Beans (1 lb)

4. Beets

5. Potatoes (2 lbs)

6. Squash

7. Zucchini

8. Collards

9. Cucumbers



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