Howdy folks and welcome to week 5 of your CSA! Where did the cooler weather go? It has been warm the last couple of days. I am looking forward to this weekend and for it to cool off again! All this warm to cold weather, it’s no wonder everyone is getting sick. Last week myself and the kids were sick, and unfortunately this week we added Van on to the sick list. Im ready for the weather to make up it’s mind and stick to one temperature!

Ok, enough of my weather rant. We have been busy trying to get our root crops out of the fields. Carrots, radishes, turnips, and beets are starting to become ready. Herbs will be available soon as well!

I made a really great pasta last night. It had carrots cooked down with a little onion in some vegetable broth. Then I added in some kale and spigarello, trying to use up my greens from last week, and after that cooked down, added some arugula and then I took my immersion blender and blended until it was almost like a pesto texture. I then added some water that I boiled my pasta in, to help thicken, and some goat cheese. Cooked until blended. Then I sautéed some mushrooms in a separate skillet and added to my sauce and served over the pasta. It was wonderful! I had never used my greens in that way to make a sauce, but it will definitely become a go to meal for us now.

I hope y’all were able to get in the kitchen last week and make some nourishing meals. I also hope everyone stays well out there. Here are the contents of this week’s box:

  1. 2 Kohlrabi

  2. Head of Field Grown Lettuce

  3. Bag of Arugula

  4. Bok Choy

  5. Butternut Squash

  6. Green Beans

  7. Carrots

  8. Kale

Kale and Arugula Pesto

Bok Choy, Apple, and Carrot Slaw This would be great with Kohlrabi added too