Top Row: Left: Golden Beets with greens, Swiss Chard, Hakurei Turnips, and Yukina Savoy.  Bottom Row: Left: Red Veined Spinach, Head of Lettuce, Cilantro, and Arugula.

Top Row: Left: Golden Beets with greens, Swiss Chard, Hakurei Turnips, and Yukina Savoy.

Bottom Row: Left: Red Veined Spinach, Head of Lettuce, Cilantro, and Arugula.

Howdy folks, we hope everyone had a wonderful week and enjoyed your bounty. Hopefully you were able to easily assess what everything was in your box ,and you were able to try some new flavors and recipes! I have had a lot of feedback from previous members that when they receive their weekly box and take it home and wash, sort, and prep their vegetables all at once, then it makes it much easier to eat it all throughout the week. Last night I made a quick batch of greens in my instapot using bags of extra baby kale, mizuna mix, and spinach. I added an onion as well and cooked it all in some broth. If you dont have a pressure cooker, you can easily just throw your greens on a big pot on the stove or crockpot. When cooked, I added them to my blender with a pre made pesto sauce, blended, and poured over angel hair with some roasted chicken. The kids loved it! Ivan is my picky eater, so this was a win in my book! Just another idea on how to quickly use up some greens.

We have another good one for you this week. Full of beautiful, flavorful greens, herbs, and roots! The specialty salad turnips called Hakurei will have greens on top that should be added to anything green you cook. The beets also will have greens and should be eaten as well! Very similar in taste and texture to swiss chard.

Swiss chard is a great earthy green that can be used cut into ribbons, mixed with other greens to be cooked down, or even used to make rolls (think cabbage rolls) or wraps. I personally like to chop up the ribs ( like celery) of the swiss chard and add to my dishes as well. We try to use the whole “buffalo” around here when we cook! ;) And just wait until you try the Yukina Savoy and Arugula!! It’s all so good.

The greenhouse is being taken down today and we have a new one being delivered this week. Hopefully we will be able to get it up and constructed in the next week and we will be able to have some new plants in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is technically called a “high tunnel” because it has a dirt floor that we are able to grow. It serves us many purposes and we are so grateful to be getting a new one!

We hope everyone has a great week, enjoys your box, and are able to cook some healthy, delicious meals with family and friends. Here are the contents of this week’s box:

  1. Swiss Chard- I love this earthy tasting green. Great in salads, wraps, cooked down, added to pasta dishes, etc. I also love to slice the 'rib' of the swiss chard sort of like you would celery. Adding the ribs to your dish can add some wonderful texture, color, and flavor. 

  2. Lettuce

  3. Hakurei Turnips- A Japanese specialty salad turnip. Delicious stir fried, roasted, and grilled. Make sure to eat the greens with the turnips or set aside for another meal!

  4. Beets with greens- You will either get a bundle of Golden, Chioggia (striped beet), or Red beet. Delicious roots that you can roast, sauté, or eat raw! Thats right raw. We eat them raw constantly when working, ver good. Beets have an earthy flavor and the greens are very similar to swiss chard in flavor. 

  5. Cilantro- You will find this herb a lot in Mexican or Asian dishes. Very distinctive.

  6. Yukina Savoy- Referred to as Asian spoon spinach because it cooks and looks similar to spinach, but has a little bit of a spice. Young tender leaves and stalks are excellent for salad mix and stir-fry dishes.

  7. Arugula- Very tender, leafy greens that have a distinctive peppery flavor. The possibilities what to put this green on are endless! Salads, pizza, pasta, soups, eggs, etc……. try a little on everything and find your favorite!

  8. Red Veined Spinach- Just like green but has a red stem and red veins.

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