Howdy Folks, and welcome to week 10 of your CSA! It’s hard to believe we have one more week after this one. We will be listing the Spring/Summer CSA sign up on the website in the next week or two! We will be looking forward to you signing up for next year so we can go ahead and order seeds, fertilizer, cover crops, etc., and get a jump start on next year’s season! We really appreciate all the support! Thank you!

I am always very open and appreciative of any kind of feedback! Send me an email or call/text anytime you have anything you would like us to know about your box. We are always trying to learn and improve.

We have high hopes to get another high tunnel or caterpillar tunnels for next year to help extend our season on more fragile and frost intolerant crops such as Swiss chard, lettuces, and baby greens. This year we received a freeze several weeks earlier than we have in the last few years, so a high tunnel or caterpillar tunnels would be very helpful. Fingers crossed it all works out.

Thanks again for the support, and please consider joining us again in the spring and summer!! Hope you have a wonderful week, and enjoy this week’s box:

  1. Carrots- Try the carrot gnocchi below!

  2. Lettuce

  3. Butternut Squash

  4. Broccoli

  5. Watermelon Radish

  6. Fennel- Bulb fennel with green fronds. Try the caramelized fennel recipe below.

  7. Sorrel- The lemon of the vegetable world! Sorrel is a citrusy, tangy green. I often make soup, chop and add with salads, pesto, smoothies, and makes a great marinade for fish or chicken or any protein! Try the sorrel pesto soup recipe below.

  8. Cilantro- Try the Mexican gnocchi recipe below!

Be in the “Gno”cchi ;)

Carrot Gnocchi

Mexican Gnocchi

Pesto Gnocchi Soup

Sorrel Pesto

Caramelized Fennel and Onions