Hello everyone, and welcome to week one of your CSA! We are very thankful for you joining our farm, and looking forward to a great growing season. 

As you all know, this past weekend we had some really cold temperatures. We were 1 degree away from losing all of our summer crops! Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and our cut flowers such as single stem, pollen less sunflowers, celosias, zinnias, and snap dragons. Thank goodness we had minimal damage, everything still looks to be in good shape. 

Previous springs, we didn't have a warm enough place to start our own seeds. We got a local nursery to start our spring plants, and we would start our summer plants. This year we were able to start all of our plants for this spring/summer season in our high tunnel (greenhouse structure with a dirt floor for planting), which we got last summer. This was such a great accomplishment for us. Once all the starter plants have been planted in the field, then we will direct seed small greens like arugula, baby kale, etc. in the high tunnel. Having the high tunnel has really upped our farm game. We are hoping to get another high tunnel put in later this year.

Below is a list of what to expect in your CSA box this week. We hope you have so much fun creating healthy meals for yourself and loved ones. Cheers! 


1. Spinach- Mature, green leaf spinach. Great raw or sautéed. 

2. Radishes- This variety is known as Easter Egger radish. Versatile and milder radish that can be used for salads or to cook with. 

3. Collards- Big green leaves that can be cooked and stewed down to make a classic southern side dish, or get creative and try using them as wraps or a slaw. 

4. Kohlrabi- This vegetable is one of my favorites. It is a root vegetable that taste like a mild broccoli. Peel the skin to get to a crisp texture on the inside, somewhat like an apple. I love to eat this vegetable raw, sliced as chips, and served with a favorite dip. Or you can mash, roast, sautee, stew, and pretty much anything else that you would do to a potato (kohlrabi is a wonderful substitute for potato). Also, don't discard the greens, they are also edible and delicious. Add them in with your collards!

5. Field grown Lettuce- you know what to do.

6. Green Onions- Scallions to add to different salads and entrees. 

7. Swiss Chard- I love this earthy tasting green. Great in salads, wraps, cooked down, added to pasta dishes, etc. I also love to slice the 'rib' of the swiss chard sort of like you would celery. Adding the ribs to your dish can add some wonderful texture and flavor. 

8. Bok Choy- Great vegetable in stir fries, roasted, or thrown on the grill.


How To Cut Up Kohlrabi

Swiss Chard and Kohlrabi with Lemon Sauce

Roasted Bok Choy

Thai Coconut Soup with Bok Choy