Hey everyone! Can y’all believe this weather today? I am sitting outside writing this now and thinking how it feels like fall! Crisp breeze with low humidity. It is perfect. We are taking advantage of this nice weather and getting out in the fields to harvest onions that will be topped and dried. You will see some of this first harvest in your box this week. If you still have spring onions in your fridge, you can always just let the onions you get this week continue to dry on your counter for later use. If you are like me, I put onions in almost every dish I make. Not only do they make anything taste good, in my opinion, but they are also a good prebiotic.

New to this week’s box is the first pick of eggplant. I could seriously eat my weight in eggplant when i’m pregnant! I have no idea why, but cubed or thinly sliced and roasted eggplant.. YUM! I am making some tonight ;)

If you have never roasted cabbage before, it is one of my favorite ways to eat it. Makes an easy and delicious side dish. I have linked a recipe below that is really simple to do. I personally like to add a little piece of bacon on top of my cabbage slices when roasting, because… why not? Delicious.

Now that summer is upon us in full swing, besides having this nice break in the weather, it is a perfect time to start putting up some of these great vegetables. I freeze a lot of items, mostly because I don’t have the time to can, but green beans are great frozen or canned, just blanch before freezing. Same with carrots. Summer squash you can freeze or can and even pickle the summer squash for a relish. Link below. And of course you can always freeze tomatoes or can them as well for later uses such as spaghetti sauce or salsas. I have personally just thrown whole tomatoes into bags in my freezer until I am able to process them.

Whatever you decide to do with this week’s bounty, we hope that you are continuing to enjoy! Cheers!

Here are the contents of this week’s box:

  1. Eggplant

  2. Green Cabbage

  3. Collard Greens

  4. Tomatoes

  5. Onions

  6. Green Beans

  7. Carrots

  8. Summer Squash

Roasted Cabbage Slices

Squash Relish

How to Freeze Carrots Easily

Cubed Roasted Eggplant