Happy 4th everyone! We hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday week! Pick ups start today at the farm and at M7 coffee house since the holiday falls on Thursday.

We have a fun box for you for the holiday, and it includes another watermelon to celebrate the 4th. Some more goodies include LEMON basil, blueberries, zucchini, more tomatoes of course, yay for summer time in Mississippi, and a spicy pepper to heat up the holiday. Either jalapeno or serrano. I will link a recipe for a hot sauce recipe, or add to home made salsa or guacamole! I will also link a good reference on a How to Zucchini Noodles either with a spiralizer or without if you are thinking of going low carb for a lemon basil and parmesan pasta recipe I will link too! Or try the tomato, basil caprese recipe linked below. That is one of my all time favorites! I also linked a creamy potato salad with fresh basil, because I have really been wanting to try it! And if you don’t have kids who gobble up a whole pint of blueberries in one sitting, that was dessert last night, then I have linked a 5 ingredient blueberry skillet cake! So much to choose from, the pregnant lady may or may not have been a little hungry when writing this week’s blog ;)

Whatever you decide to do with this week’s bounty, we hope you enjoy it with friends and loved ones and celebrate how fortunate we all are! I would just like to say thank you so much for joining us through this season, boy have we learned a lot about our farm, ourselves, and our community. Safe travels to each and everyone of you! OH, and I wanted to add a lemon basil soda that you could or couldn’t add your choice of alcohol to ;) Happy Holidays! Here are the contents of this week’s box:

  1. Blueberries

  2. Jalapenos or Serranos- both are a hot pepper!

  3. Watermelon

  4. Beefsteak Tomatoes

  5. Cherry Tomatoes

  6. Potatoes

  7. Lemon Basil- similar to the Italian variety, but it has a little bit of twang to it!

  8. Zucchini

Lemon Basil Soda

5 Ingredient Blueberry Dump Cake

Salsa with Fresh Tomatoes

So Many Hot Sauce Recipes

Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction

Creamy Potato Salad with Basil

How to Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini Noodles with Basil Pesto

Simple Parmesan Pasta with Zucchini