Hello everyone, and welcome to the final box of this year’s Spring and Summer season! We can’t believe that the end is here, especially because we are steadily getting ready for the fall! So much seeding to do.

Again, we have really enjoyed getting to know everyone this year, and we do hope you decide to join us in the Fall! So many of you have already joined, thank you! We have big plans for a big season! The fall season is only 8 weeks, so it is the perfect amount of time to get all your fall vegetables in! Click this link www.twodogfarms.org to sign up today!

We are excited to add a personal sized Yellow Meat watermelon to your box this week! As well as okra! I love to grill okra whole or cut in half lengthwise. So good! The Nectarines made another appearance in this week’s box due to high demand! They are so perfectly flavorful! One of our members shared a nectarine and tomato salad that I linked below. Sounds lovely.

We hope you all enjoy the last bounty of the season and hope to see you in the fall! Much love to you all and happy eating!

Your Farmers,

Van, Dorothy, Hazel, Ivan, and #3 ;)

  1. Cucumbers

  2. Tomatoes

  3. Nectarines

  4. Peaches

  5. Yellow Meat Watermelon

  6. Okra

  7. Malabar spinach

Tomato and Nectarine Salad